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Mako Robotic Total Hip Replacement in Hyderabad

Hip replacement is one of the most successful orthopedic procedures. In a total hip replacement procedure, both sections of the joint are removed and replaced. The hip is a ball-and-socket joint.  The success rate of this procedure augments further with the introduction of robotic-assisted hip replacement surgery which takes into consideration precision and accuracy. The most prominent benefits of robotics hip replacement surgery include.

Robotic hip replacement in Hyderabad

The advantage of robotic-assisted hip replacement is that the planning system of the robotics creates a 3D computerized model of the patient’s hip joint. The surgeon performs the procedure by visualizing and planning – which is based on the unique anatomy of the patient. Therefore, the procedure is done with 99% precision.

Better Control

The precision and accuracy imparted by the robotic arm allow the surgeon to cut the femur and align the implant components perfectly. The inaccuracies such as improper alignment, dislocations, and length discrepancies caused by conventional hip replacement can be reduced by as much as 95% by using a robotic arm. In addition, the other complications of a hip replacement can be minimized to a greater extent with robotic-assisted surgery.

The positioning and angulation of the components of the implant remain close to the planned values as the surgeon performs the procedure according to the specification given by the 3D model of the Hip joint.  Based on the specifications, all instruments remain within the safe zone.

Minimum damage to healthy tissues: Robotic-assisted surgery is done without cutting any extra tissues or muscles around the hip joint. It uses a minimally invasive anterior approach. It is possible by the precise movement of the robotic arm. It allows surgeons to perform surgery by making smaller incisions and through tight spaces sparing healthy tissues.

Ask your surgeon if robotic Orthopedic surgery would be a good option for your situation.

robotic hip replacement in Hyderabad
robotic hip replacement in Hyderabad
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robotic hip replacement surgery in Hyderabad
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