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Dr. Praharsha Mulpur

MBBS, DNB Orthopaedic Surgery, FIJR (Fellowship in Joint Replacement Surgery – Sunshine Hospitals)
Certified MAKO Robotic Joint Replacement Surgeon

Dr. Praharsha Mulpur is the recipient of the DR. BALU SANKARAN GOLD MEDAL in Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Praharsha is a Consultant Joint Replacement Surgeon in the Department of Joint Replacement and Robotic Orthopaedic Surgery, Sunshine Hospitals, Hyderabad.

Best orthopedic doctor in Hyderabad

Dr. Praharsha Mulpur’s expertise

  • Knee Replacement Surgery
  • Total knee replacement
  • Partial knee replacement
  • Hip Replacement Surgery
  • Robotic joint Replacement Surgery
  • Revision and Complex Joint Replacement Surgery
  • Sport injuries and Arthroscopic Surgeries

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We Provide Quality Orthopedic Care

Dr. Praharsha regularly deals with fractures, knee pain, hip pain, complex Fractures, total knee and hip replacement, joint pain and trauma cases.

Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery

For maximum accuracy, proper alignment and placement of the implant, Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery is the Gold Standard Joint Replacement Surgery. Meet, Dr. Praharsha Mulpur to know more about the procedures.

Knee Replacement Surgery

In 95% of people who undergo knee replacement surgery, the results of total knee replacement are quite emphatic. They feel improvement in their mobility, functionality and quality of life.

Hip Replacement Surgery

The treatment for hip problems may depend on the condition that causes the issue. Based on the type of disorder and underlying cause, the treatment depends. In some cases, hip pain treatment without surgery is also possible.

Fractured Bone Treatment

In Hyderabad at Sunshine Hospitals, different treatment options are available for different types of fractures. Dr. Mulpur considers several factors including the type of fracture and severity of injury.

Joint Pain Treatment

Based on the causes and symptoms and types of joint pain, Dr. Praharsha Mulpur provides treatment for all types of joint pains – knee, hip, elbow, shoulder, fingers and so on.

Deformity Correction

Surgical correction – modification and adjustment of the bone that grows incorrectly due to a disease or syndrome. Meet Dr. Praharsha to know the apt procedure for deformity correction.

Radiological Assessment of Total Knee Arthroplasty


Dr. Praharsha Mulpur performed the first robotic hip replacement with the latest Stryker MAKO 4.0 software in India

Best orthopedic doctor near me
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Learn when to meet your Orthopedic Doctor

There are some warning signs and symptoms which you should never ignore. Timely treatment ensures faster recovery and reduces future complications.
Best orthopedic doctor in Hyderabad

Arthritis Pain

The pain due to osteoarthritis of the knee joint may be associated with the following symptoms: Pain increases with activity, but gets better with rest; stiffness in the joint; feeling of warmth in the joint; knee stiffness in the morning; when sitting for a while.

Orthopedic doctor near me

Osteoarthritis of the Knee Joint

Osteoarthritis or wear-and-tear arthritis is a condition in which the cartilage between the bones of the knee joint wears away. Owing to this condition, bones come closer and rub against each other. Osteoarthritis of the knee joint can result from overweight, injection, or injury.

Best orthopedic doctor Hyderabad

Bone Deformities Correction

Limb deformity or defect whether it is by birth or due to any other cause can cause problems with the mobility and functionality of the limbs. The treatment performed to correct such defects is defined as limb reconstruction.




Meet us for the Best Orthopaedic Care

Dr. Praharsha mulpur is the best orthopedic doctor in Hyderabad in terms of his compassion, dedication, qualification, training, precision, advanced robotic surgical expertise, and passion to achieve the best clinical outcomes. Meet him for

  • Robotic Orthopedic Surgery.
  • Complex fractures treatment.
  • Joint Replacement Surgery.
  • Emergency and trauma care.

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