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Diabetes and bone problems

Bone and Joint Conditions Associated with Diabetes

Diabetes and bone problems By Dr. Praharsha Diabetes is a silently damaging disease as it can lead to many serious health issues such as heart disease, kidney disease and nerve disease. These conditions can go hand in hand with diabetes. You may not be aware of the fact that diabetes can also lead to increased […]
Osteomalacia Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

Osteomalacia Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

Osteomalacia Causes Osteomalacia is a condition in which bones become soft and weak. This condition has become very common nowadays both in men and women. Compared to men, women are at increased risk. Osteomalacia causes: The most common cause of osteomalacia is vitamin D deficiency – which leads to low blood calcium levels. Inadequate levels […]
cubital tunnel syndrome

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

A nerve that travels from the neck to the arm and then to the fingers is known as the ulnar nerve. It is located near the ulna bone. It provides sensation to the ring and little fingers and to the forearm. The ulnar nerve extends the entire length of the elbow, forearm, and fingers. There […]
paget disease of bone

PAGET DISEASE OF BONE – Pain, Arthritis & Bone Fractures

Paget disease of bone is a degenerative disease of bone. It is a chronic bone disorder wherein bones deform and break down excessively. Though bones become enlarged, they become dense, fragile, and deform. Though it is a common disorder in older adults after age 50 or more, many people silently suffer from it. However, over […]
foot pain causes

Foot Pain – Causes and Risk Factors

Foot Pain – Causes and Risk Factors Foot pain causes Your feet are important for you as they bear the entire weight when you move, walk, or wherever you go. They are prone to get strained or stressed if you overuse them. A majority of people don’t think much about foot pain until it hurt […]