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How to keep your joints healthy

When Is Surgery Required for Joint Pain?

Surgery for joint pain: Millions of people in India and across the globe undergo joint replacement surgeries (knee replacement and hip replacement) owing to severe destructive damage caused to their joints. The number one reason for this is osteoarthritis of the joints which is a progressive, painful and destructive condition of the joints. If you […]
Total knee replacement in Hyderabad

Total Knee Replacement is for Whom?

Total Knee Replacement in Hyderabad at Sunshine Hospitals | Dr. Praharsha Mulpur Are you feeling pain, stiffness in your knees while moving downstairs or climbing upstairs? Is your activity getting limited due to walking difficulty? Is your knee pain becoming severe with every passing day and with movement? Are you the one who is taking […]
Types of back pain

What Are the Different Types of Back Pain?

Types of Back pain depend on the cause. Back pain is one of the most common reasons why individuals visit the doctor or miss work. Moreover, when it comes to diagnosis and treatment, it varies depending on the many forms of back pain you may encounter at any particular time. Recognizing how your back pain is affecting […]
benefits of robotic joint replacement

Benefits of Robotic-assisted Joint Replacement Surgery

Benefits of robotic joint replacement: Don’t you want your implant to be accurate, precisely aligned, and placed perfectly with up to 99.9% precision? Who doesn’t want less post-surgical pain, noticeably quicker healing and recovery; less post-surgical complications; shorter stay, and faster discharge from the hospital – Mako robotic arm assist your surgeon chart your procedure […]