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Foot Drop – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Foot drop treatment | Dr. Praharsha Mulpur Foot drop is a medical condition that is not commonly encountered in primary care settings. There are various causes of foot drop. A thorough neurological examination, along with tests such as metabolic work-up, EMG/NCS, and imaging, typically helps in determining the correct diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Having a […]
Is robotic knee replacement better

Is Robotic Knee Replacement Right for Me?

Is robotic knee replacement better | Dr. Praharsha Explains Knee surgery may have been a tough decision for you, but it’s important to address your knee pain. If you have decided to undergo knee surgery to alleviate chronic pain, there is an advanced option available for you – knee replacement with the help of modern […]
labral tear surgery in Hyderabad

Can you explain what a hip labrum tear is?  

Labral tear surgery Hyderabad When someone tears the labrum of their hip, it means they have damaged the labrum, the cartilage in the hip socket. Your hip joint is a ball-and-socket joint that consists of a ball that rests on the femur (femoral head) and a socket that is part of the pelvis (acetabulum). The […]
Ganglion cysts – Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

Ganglion cysts – Causes, Diagnosis & Treatment

Ganglion cyst treatment in Hyderabad – Dr. Praharsha Mulpur manifest as masses that tend to emerge along the tendons or joints, primarily on the wrists or hands. It is also possible for them to develop in the ankles and feet. Ganglion cysts are usually spherical or elliptical in shape and are filled with a jellylike […]
Achilles Tendinitis Types, Symptoms & Treatment

Achilles Tendinitis Types, Symptoms & Treatment

Achilles tendinitis is a common problem that occurs due to inflammation and irritation of the large tendon that runs down the back of the lower leg. This tendon, connects the calf muscles to the heel bone. It is responsible for facilitating several movements, including walking, running, climbing stairs, jumping, and standing on tiptoes. Despite its […]