Is Robotic-Assisted Joint Replacement Right for You?

advantages of robotic joint replacement

Advantages of robotic joint replacement | Dr. Praharsha Mulpur

Many patients are a bit skeptical rather hesitant when it comes to robotic joint replacement surgery and the involvement of the robotic arm in assisting surgery. They may have their own concerns and apprehensions regarding the clinical outcomes. A few patients even assume that this type of technologically advanced, precise, and accurate surgery is only for selected few patients. On the contrary, robotic joint replacement is for anyone. The thumb rule is if you are a good candidate for joint replacement surgery, you are also the best candidate for robotic joint replacement surgery.

Accuracy and Improved Outcomes

Remember! If you are looking for better results with accuracy and precision, then robotic-assisted joint replacement surgery is for you. For excellent results, Orthopedic surgeons need improved accuracy – which they get through robotics technology.

When it comes to robotics technology, it is not limited to any one patient or a selected group of patients. In general, it is for all those patients who are eligible for joint replacement surgery.

We use robotic technology for joint replacements including total knee replacement, total hip replacement, and partial knee replacement.

Correct dimensions, sizing, and positioning of the implant

If you are planning robotic joint replacement surgery – Knee replacement or hip replacement, we plan your surgery based on the unique anatomy of your joint.

The robotic arm allows the surgical instrument to operate only in one plane making it very precise. The operating Orthopedic surgeon cannot go outside the dimensions specified by the robotic arm.

Bottom Line

Advantages of robotic joint replacement: When compared to traditional (standard) joint replacement procedures, robotic-assisted joint replacement is advantageous. In addition, the failure of a robotic-assisted joint replacement is nil as compared to other joint replacements. Robotic joint replacement improves accuracy and outcomes. Those who opt for robotic joint replacement are at an advantage because they can expect more personalized, customized, and individually tailored implants.